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I love photography, and the purpose of this site is to allow others the opportunity to share in my passion. I believe in producing quality images and making it possible for others to obtain them and enjoy them in their homes, offices, with family and friends. I enjoy many fields of photography, therefore, you will find a variety of styles and subjects in this site. I will continue to add more photos, as time allows, so please feel free to visit from time to time.

Art takes wing from the platform of reality. We observe reality; we may or may not feel anything about it. If we do feel something, we may have a moment of recognition of the imperative subject and its qualitites in terms of a photograph. In a sense this is a mystical experience, a revelation of the world that transcends fact and reaches into the spirit. - Ansel Adams

I hope that you will find something that speaks to you in some way.

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Guestbook for S. Birdsall Photography
Mrs. Alida Birdsall(non-registered)
loving the pictures, I am looking for the one that won 2nd prize. Love you.
You are so Talented! What gerat photos :)
Sheri Gordon(non-registered)
Thanks for the great pictures. If you get anymore great shots let me know.
Corrie Ondrizek(non-registered)
You have a talent! These are great :)
susan white(non-registered)
Scott - These are gorgeous. You have a gift!
The guestbook is empty.