S. Birdsall Photography | About
My name is Scott Birdall and I have enjoyed photography since I was in my early teens. When not playing sports myself, my father would entrust me with his Yashica SLR (totally manual) and I would take photos of my brothers' sporting events and a host of other things. I took photography classes in high school and even attended a career/tech program my senior year. I was able to experience several types of photograhy (landscape, portrait, product...) and also gained experience in a black and white darkroom.

I have enjoyed taking photos for many years; however, the expense associated with film kept me from truly exploring this hobby. In late 2008, I was blessed with a digital camera (Canon Rebel XSi), which opened up the world of photography to me once again. Not only has photography become more of a passion, but it has been a great therapeutic avenue as well.

Still photography is fantastic, in that it can capture a moment, a feeling, an expression, an image...that can be interpreted by people in many different ways. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, when in reality, there is no limit to the way an image can be interpreted.

I truly love taking photos, and since I have been reunited with this art, I have returned to looking at the world around me in such a different way. I am back to recognizing the details in things; how the light falls on a single flower or a countryside, how a shadow on a face or the direction someone looks can convey a totally different feel/story, how a single cloud in a scene can be just as captivating as a brewing storm.

It is my hope that others will see my work and find something that captivates them or speaks to them in some way. Enjoy browsing through the different galleries and feel free to leave comments.