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When choosing a print size, please make sure you view the image in your cart. If you choose a size that is not in the same ratio as the original, there will be some aspects of the image that are cropped. The white border around the images is there to allow you to matte your print without loosing any of the image. If you have any questoins, feel free to contact me.
111th New York Volunteer Infantry IPriest, Levite or SamaritanIsaiah 53:5Red Barn, Rt 134 Barlow PA, 2-25-10Sach's Bridge and reflection, GNMP, 2009George Weikert Farm, GNMP, 2009Rainbow on Methodist Church, Gettysburg PA, Nov. 5, 2009General Warren, Little Round Top, GNMP, Fall 2009Purple Tulips, Middle Street, Gettysburg PA, April 23, 2009Dock and Boathouse at Sunrise, Chesapeake Bay, July 4, 2009The Narrows, Adams County PA, May 2, 2009Serenity, Chesapeake Bay, July 4, 2009The Wolf Larsen, Long Island NY, June 20, 2009Dock at Dawn, Northport Long Island, December 28, 2009Dock at Sunrise, Northport Long Island, December 28, 2009